• The planting of acorns and flapping of butterfly wings.

    This week’s question: How to change the world?


    Every single day, I see things I want to change. The big ones, obviously, like hunger, suffering, imbalance but the little ones too. Litter on the street, dog shit on the grass, sad and grumpy faces behind the wheels of expensive cars. One person alone can’t change the big things, but could I change the smaller things? Could I make a little difference and could my acorns of change grow into something more substantial?

    So I set about making changes. On Monday I picked up a broken bottle that was lying on the pavement. I put it in somebody’s recycling box. I figured, they wouldn’t mind. On Wednesday I let eight other drivers out on my commute to work. On Thursday I gave somebody forty pence towards their parking ticket. Today I made eye contact with everyone I walked past and I smiled. I even got a few back.

    Am I changing the world? Not yet, but I’m changing my little corner of it. And interestingly enough, it’s changing me. I like being nice to other people, I selfishly enjoy this altruism lark.

    So I’m asking you – pay it forward. Do something nice for someone else. Something small. Something they can replicate with the next person. Don’t give away your life savings, but perhaps a smile and a quiet hello might not be too much to ask. Let’s change the world. A bit.

  • Where does the time go?



    Going, going, gone…

    Each day seems to fly by in a whirl of incomplete tasks and half-managed achievements. Why do the ‘to-dos’ always outnumber the ‘have-dones’? Easter holidays? Ah well, yes, that could be a factor.

    My day-to-day life in the past few weeks has consisted largely of:

    • feeding small people and small animals
    • breaking up fights
    • papier-mâché
    • ignoring housework
    • tending to seedlings
    • paying bills
    • digging
    • cleaning out guinea pigs
    • managing ‘bike rides’ (note: I am duty-bound to run alongside my son holding him by the back of his jumper to prevent wobbles)
    • thinking up creative and fun activities

    In short, doing NOTHING by way of creative writing. NO poetry, NO prose, NO life writing, NO blog posts, NO notebooks. NOTHING.

    Plus I have an essay deadline looming and I can almost hear the work piling up in the office three miles away.

    BUT it’s OK. I’m spending time with my kids, every day re-learning the ins and outs of being a parent. Gathering fodder for my eventual work. There’ll be time to write when they don’t want to spend time with me any more. This is my choice and it feels right.




  • Lemon on the radio

    William Thirsk-Gaskill will be reading my poem ‘Lemon’ on the radio today, when he co-hosts Themes for Dreamers with Gaia Holmes on Phoenix FM. Tune in and listen if you can.

    Podcasts will be available from Tuesday or Wednesday this week at www.phoenixfm.co.uk/Podcasts_Themes_Dreamers so you can catch up then if you miss it.

    I believe Gaia and William will be discussing pseudo-lesbianism in literature today so there should be some interesting points for you all to enjoy.

    Thanks William and Gaia!


  • Upon reading Bergson

    There’s no time like the present, none.

    No sooner spoken than gone.


    by Claire Jones